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Why you need professional headshots for success online!

Headshot photograph of man in suit and tie, working in corporate finance - Rutland, Peterborough, Leicester - Daniel McLean Photography

Whether you are business owner, director, executive or employee, headshots have many benefits. If you and your business are online, then headshots are vital to your professional image. Learn why headshots are so important, and why you need professional headshots for success online!

Why Headshots Are Important

Headshots for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other professionals and businesses online. That is why so many of my clients book me to update their LinkedIn headshots. Now, you may be thinking, why does it matter? Why should you get professional headshots as opposed to taking your own headshots at home?

The truth is LinkedIn profiles with headshots get 21 times more views than profiles without a photo. While profiles with non-professional photos only get 14 times more views. So, a professionally taken headshot can double your chances of being hired by a better company or get you more clients.

Just 7 seconds to make an impression

According to Forbes within seven seconds of meeting, people will have a solid impression of who you are. With some research suggesting a tenth of a second is all it takes to start determining traits like trustworthiness and honesty.

You don’t get a second chance to change a first impression. If you have an opportunity to make a positive and lasting first impression for your personal brand or career. Why wouldn’t you use it?

A great headshot photographer will help you to convey exactly what you want in your professional photos.

Now, this does not mean that your headshot will look dull or lacking any character. On the contrary, a skilled headshot photographer will paint a true picture of your personality while also showing characteristics that are essential for professional success.

Find out what to wear for headshots.

Your headshot is your personal brand

Many well-known and respected entrepreneurs have professional headshots. That help them to take control of their business’s image and brand. Some popular entrepreneurs who do this include Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Neil Patel, Tim Ferriss etc. The headshots of each one of these entrepreneurs are not only professional but also show their true personality and charisma which extends onto the image of their companies.

How headshots help with promotions

Employees can mistakenly feel that professional headshots are not needed. It is still essential if you want to get a better job and network with other well-known people in your field.

To put this into perspective, put yourself into the mind of a recruiter who is looking at LinkedIn profiles to find the right person for a new job. There are 3 candidates and the first one doesn’t have a profile picture, the second one has a blurred selfie and the third one has a professionally done headshot. Who would you choose to call for an interview? The person with the professional profile photo of course!

Once you have secured that promotion you were always after. Having a professional headshot will also help out your new employer. I often have clients pass their new headshots to their new marketing department. Which can be used for company news articles and press releases.

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