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Top 5 Uses For Business Headshots

Top 5 Uses For Business Headshots

Professional Headshots will help set you apart from the competition. But only if you use them!  These are my top 5 uses for business headshots.

Where To Use Professional Headshots

1. Add the headshot to your website

One of the most viewed pages on your website will be your ‘About’ page.  I would recommend putting you and your team front and centre. Customers look at your business and what you sell, and then they look at who they are buying it from.

As a professional photographer I think it is important to practice what I preach. I want my clients in and around Rutland to see and recognise me.  That is why I place my headshot on most of my website pages.

Add Headshots to your website

2. Include a headshot on your blog posts

Having good quality, engaging, and interesting blog posts on your website leads to content being shared by your audience. Including a brief biography or mission statement at the base of blog along with your business headshot extends your visibility. It will also be another way for the reader to feel more connected and engaged to you.

3. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Personal Branding is popular right now. Do not be tempted to be anonymous on your social media channels. A logo can sometimes seem impersonal on social media so make sure to your use headshots here too.

I use mine on all my different social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

This is why I encourage clients to bring different outfits to a headshot session. It lets them try out a smart casual look as well as business attire. It gives the choice of using different headshots for various audiences. For example, your LinkedIn headshot may be more formal but a smart casual appearance for Facebook or Instagram is preferred.

4. Email signatures

We all receive lots of emails and newsletters every day. Some company names and offerings we recognise and others we don’t. By adding a professional business headshot to either your email signature or the top of your email newsletter.

It will help your email or newsletter stand out, by reminding recipients and subscribers who you are. It puts a face to the name. This works whether they have spoken to you in person or they follow you on social media.

For Gmail users, I found this great article on how to add a photo to you email signature.

5. Printed Marketing and Promotional Literature

There are a lot of possibilities for making the most of your professional headshots offline too. To really boost you and your business’s visibility think about adding your headshot to the following.

  • Business Cards

  • Event Roller Banners

  • Flyers & Brochures

  • Product Catalogues

  • Guest articles in Magazines

  • Press Releases

This is another great reason for a high-quality photograph and a professional photographer. One who understands DPI and colour gamut, ensuring your commercial printer or graphic designer receives the right digital files sizes and in the correct colour space.

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