Squinching. The one thing that will improve all your photos


The one facial expression you need to be more photogenic… squinching!

The secret to looking picture-perfect in every photo according to a new video from the professional photographer that has gone super viral.  There’s one facial expression that makes everyone instantly look better.  It’s called squinching!



Blue steel, sultry pout, now the squinch.

In this day and age of smartphones, everyone’s got a camera, and no one wants to miss a photo opportunity.  We’ve seen blue steel, the sultry pout, but what if there was one look that guaranteed a better picture.

There is… meet the squinch. Celebs do it on the red carpet, models do it on the runway. Tyra Banks even did it on Good Morning America.  Perfecting her picture-perfect pose by smizing.  For those who don’t know already what a smize is, it’s to smile with your eyes.  This is smizing.

But now it’s all about the art of the squinch.  You heard right the squinch, a magical combo of squinting and pinching, that can instantly transform your deer-in-headlights look into a more sultry gaze.  Confidence comes from the eyes, it’s the secret weapon of photographer and former model Peter Hurley.  Who posted this 15 minute tutorial to his YouTube channel.


What is squinching?

Squinching is when your eyes stay open, but you bring up just the lower eyelid, there’s a muscle there.

“I would have to say that squinching is narrowing the distance between your pupil and your lower eyelid.  To create confidence to the onlooker.
I needed a word for it because I would always tell people to squint but then I’d be like no it’s not really squinting.  I was like I got to make another word for this.
You want to pick up a girl at the coffee shop… squinch.”

Peter Hurley

Peter is no stranger to sharing his tricks of the trade. Last year he posted this video to YouTube on how to accent your jawline and it went viral.  With almost 1 million hits!  “I just want to help people look better in pictures, especially with all the pictures being taken these days.”

Go to your next headshot session with confidence.  People get nervous in front of the camera and they kind of freeze up.  This will give you an emotion because we naturally squint when we’re talking to people. 



Headshot Photographer

I’m Daniel a professional headshot photographer in Oakham.  As well as using the squinch there are lots of other tricks and techniques to help you relax and look your best in front of the camera.

I help professionals and businesses improve their image online.  So that your social media and websites connect with the clients you want.

If you’d like to chat about booking your own session and putting that squinch into practice, send me a message…


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