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The Answer to All Your Headshot Questions.

Do you have questions about professional headshots? You’re in the right place, here are all your headshot questions answered.  Well, some of the frequently asked questions at least.  These will help you have a better understanding of professional headshots.  From what they are, to how much they cost.

What is a professional headshot?

Professional headshots are commonly taken in a photography studio.  Although they can be taken outside too.  They only include the head and shoulders of the person in the photograph.  Headshots are used for actors and models, as well as companies, business owners and professionals.

Why are professional headshots important?

Professional headshots act as a first meeting.  Offering an insight into you and the people in your business.  The saying “People buy people” has never been truer.  Build trust and confidence early in the relationship.

This is your chance to stand out from the crowd.  Make sure when someone looks for you and your company on the internet, they find a professional image.  One that will encourage new customers or employers to want to engage with you.

Who needs headshots?

Company executives, business owners, self-employed, entrepreneurs, consultants, contractors, actors, models.  A better question today would be, who doesn’t need headshots?  With an ever-increasing popularity in social media apps and digital marketing.  There are very few reasons why you wouldn’t want to represent you and your business at its best.

What do professional headshots look like?

That question is best answered with some example photographs.  I’ve included a few headshots from my portfolio of different types of clients below.

How much are headshots in the UK?

Prices vary from £100 up to £1000. This can be for the session only with images bought separately, or sometimes all included.  There is no industry standard and my best advice would be to look at the photographer’s portfolio.  Balance your decision on the quality you want and your budget.

A link to my headshot prices

What are headshots used for?

The top uses for headshots in a business capacity are websites and social media platforms like LinkedIn.  Email signatures and email marketing campaigns are also popular.  Along with bio’s in magazine articles, press releases and blog posts.  Not forgetting printed promotional material like company brochures, flyers and roller banners.

What should I wear for a headshot?

Bring a few outfits to your headshot session.  This gives you plenty of variety when selecting your images.  Stay clear of busy and distracting patterns.  We want the focus on you not what you’re wearing.  Think about your intended audience and what you may wear to meet them in person.

For more in depth advice take a look at Tips on What To Wear for Headshots

How many headshots do you need?

A minimum of two, and at least one with a smile.  There are different uses for headshots, and only one may not be right to use everywhere. I suggest clients bring 2-3 outfits to a session.  Ranging from casual to smart. Which gives options for social and formal situations.

Should I get a haircut before headshots?

This is something I recommend to both my male and female customers.  Especially for men with shorter hair styles.  A visit to the barbers in the days leading up to a session will give you a sharper look.  Ladies often like to book a hair appointment before coming to visit me too.  If you’re investing in professional headshots, it makes sense to put that extra effort in for your photographs.  It also gives a confidence boost.

Are headshots edited?

Yes, all my headshots are edited to varying degrees.  Some very little, with basic exposure and colour adjustments.  But Retouching is part of the headshot service I offer.  I have a conversation with clients about their photo retouching preferences at some point during the session.  Typical requests are to remove temporary blemishes, soften wrinkles and lighten under the eyes.

Can headshots be black and white?

Yes, there is no reason why not.  It’s more of a personal choice of the client or the headshot photographer.  It’s not something I offer or have been asked for.  But I wouldn’t object to the request.

How often should I update my headshots?

Every 2-3 years is a reasonable time to update your headshots.  Unless you’ve had significant changes in your look and style, then an update is recommended.    Often a change in career or business necessitates new headshots to match their new intended use.

Can you take headshots with an iPhone?

Absolutely.  The camera quality of iPhones and Android phones are very high.  Obviously, there are limitations when compared to professional cameras.  But nonetheless it can be done.  Check out this article on taking headshots at home.

Why should I choose you for my headshots?

I’m a photographer in Oakham specialising in professional headshots.  I have worked with hundreds of clients and taken thousands of headshots.  There is a benefit to working with a headshot photographer who has a strong focus in this area.  I’m easy going and patient, and love nothing more than to have a good chat to clients.  This helps relax the mood and gets better results.  Look at some of my earlier client’s headshots and testimonials and see what you think.

What areas do you cover?

I’m based in Rutland but also offer headshots in Leicester, Stamford, Peterborough, Nottingham and Northampton.  Individual clients travel to my studio in Oakham, but for businesses I bring my photography lighting equipment to you.

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