City Security Services Case Study

Professional Headshots for Peterborough & London based business

City Security Services have offices in both Peterborough and London, as well as other branches nationwide. The share holders were keen to have professional headshots to promote the skills and breadth of experience of their staff. With the final images to be used on their website’s ‘Meet The Team’ page, and social media platform LinkedIn.

The headshot sessions were organised across two separate days. The first day scheduled was headshots in Peterborough. The Peterborough location served as hub for members of the team based across the midlands. I set up my studio lighting at the Peterborough office for the afternoon. A conference room was booked out, that had sufficient space for the headshots. Time slots were scheduled for each member of the team to make the process as time efficient as possible.

Headshots of the team at the Peterborough office

In this instance the client had already decided on the style of headshot they wanted. They chose a black background for the headshots. This worked well on their company website, and fitted in with the branding of their security business.

A sample below of the teams headshots taken at the Peterborough office.

Headshots of the team at the London office

Headshots for the London office were scheduled for Day 2. Space was allocated in the office for me to set up the studio lighting equipment. Typically I need about 45 minutes to set the lighting up and test before we start photographing. Creating time slots and a schedule for the team, helps the day run smoothly. Minimising disruption to your business and the teams working day. Allocating 15 minutes per person works well. Not everyone needs this much time in front of the camera, it depends how comfortable people are being photographed. I prefer not to rush people and ease into photographing everyone with some friendly chat. This often makes the session a bit more comfortable and less intimidating.

A sample below of the team headshots taken at the London office.

The results are outstanding and have helped us no end to market the business…

Dan spent a couple of days with us taking shots of the whole Management and Operational team. The results are outstanding and have helped us no end to market the business – from website, tender material to personal use on social media such as LinkedIn, the photos have proved a significant update with our collateral.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan if you want to improve the image of your business and to introduce you and your team to clients and prospects alike.
Mike Willox
Managing Director City Security Group

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