Bishopsgate Corporate Finance Case Study

Headshot Photography for Bishopsgate Corporate Finance

Bishopsgate Corporate Finance based in Stamford Lincolnshire are one of the UK’s leading M&A boutiques. They offer a range of corporate finance services, including acquisitions, private equity, business planning and exit strategies. They have an award winning team of dealmakers who are passionate, experienced and well respected in the industry.

Caroline the Marketing Manager and Ed the Director at Bishopsgate were keen to update the photographs of the team on their website with professional headshots. After an initial conversation with Caroline we planned out the photoshoot and time slots for all the team members to be photographed.

The offices of Bishopsgate Finance are part of the Burghley Estate in Stamford and it’s a beautiful historic building with lots of character. Caroline had arranged to have one of the conference rooms cleared to make way for the photography lighting. The larger the space I can have when working on-site to set-up my lighting equipment the better. That said, a meeting or conference room of about 2m x 3m is enough space to get great results.

Should you wear a tie for your headshots?

This is a common question that I’m asked by both individual and business clients. The answer depends on your intended audience and industry that you work with. It’s true that wearing ties in the workplace is fading away but I find in finance and insurance they are still commonplace. What I typically do for clients when this question is asked is plan to photograph headshots with and without a tie. This gives the client a wider variety of images to choose from after the session but also a wider variety of usage options.

In this instance with Bishopsgate Finance they chose to use the headshots of the team wearing ties on their website. But having a more casual option too without a tie will be useful for blog posts, email signatures and social media profiles.

Featured below are the alternative Bishopsgate Finance team headshots not wearing a tie…

Meet the Team headshots for websites

A ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘About Us’ page on your website is an ideal place to showcase your team to existing and potential new clients. Using professional headshots allows you to align the high quality and professionalism the business provides with the image you present. Bishopsgate Finance have made great use of their headshots on their meet the team website page.

Business photography

While having a professional photographer on-site, it can be a good idea to think about what other images you could use to promote your business. Whether that’s photographs of your offices and building, signage, awards or promotional materials. Maybe some candid photography of meetings and staff working at their desks. It’s an opportunity to create some additional images for your marketing, website and social media. Giving your audience a behind the scenes look at your business.

A few example photographs below taken at the Bishopsgate Finance office in Stamford…

Client Review

We were delighted with the professional photos taken by Daniel and would highly recommend his professional service.

Caroline Stephenson
Marketing Manager

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